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Fun Fact

“India is leading web3 gaming in terms of numbers”

Why Web3 Gaming?

India could potentially become a big player in Web3 and have a larger share in the $100 billion a year gaming pie in the world when the gaming industry is poised to transition from free to play to play-to-earn ecosystem afforded by Web3.


Overall Gaming Market Size


Users playing games today


Transactions on Blockchain came from Gaming

Gamers around the globe spent $70 billion on games in 2020 without any possibility of returns. But Web 3.0 gaming could change that.

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Token Economics
Gaming Community
Marketing and PR

Why Tezos India

Game Launchpad?

We will help you understand the basics of web3 and how games work on the blockchain

We will help you with technical support and bring your game on Tezos Blockchain.

Define the roadmap, token economics and get you grant to launch the game on Tezos

Once the game is launch we will help in marketing the game and developing a strong community.

Web3 Gaming is the Future 

Web3 Gaming is the Future 

Web3 Gaming is the Future 

Web3 Gaming is the Future 

Web3 Gaming is the Future 

Why Tezos for Gaming?

Transaction Cost

Tezos transaction costs are low, ensuring an openness of participation you’d expect from a global decentralized community.


Unlike Proof-of-Work blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Tezos’ Proof-of-Stake requires significantly less energy and cost to operate


Tezos is built to adjust, adapt, and add features and functionality through its proven on-chain upgrade mechanism.


Tezos Transaction times are low, providing a faster and great user experience while doing transactions on chain.